My Journey – My Story


Welcome to my world, my name is Noxolo Kapela from Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, the ‘Adventure Province’. I am passionate about travelling and adventure.

Travelling and discovering the world has always been my desire. I never enjoyed staying in one place for months on end and as soon as I realised how that can be avoided I have never looked back. This longing for travelling grew stronger with time. In most occasions I travelled for entertainment (festivals and music concerts) or birthday weekends away with friends. In my life journey I was lucky to have crossed paths with people that shared the same love for travelling as me. They inspire me everyday.

My mission now is to travel the world, thoroughly explore my country, my beloved continent ‘AFRICA’ and the world; but it does not end there. I want to help the people of South Africa, especially Black South Africans see the value in travelling and doing it more often. I will forever be an advocate for global citizenship and until Black families start making travelling one of their annual activities and reap its benefits, I still have a long way to go.

My passion for travelling and trying to get more people into the culture of travelling led to the formation of ‘Mzantsi Travel Movement’. This is a platform where like minded individuals will interact, collaborate, and grow together through their travel experiences. There is nothing I would love more than to see many people being part of this movement and taking travelling to the next level. My aim is to also introduce Black people to the most affordable way of ensuring that they can travel anywhere, anytime without having to worry about exorbitant accommodation rates through Camping and Glamping.

My purpose is to inspire, influence and encourage as many Black people as possible to save, travel and do it as often as possible. Through this blog, I want to show people that anyone can travel regardless of their background, race and financial standing. This concept is captured well in my hashtag #khenkethamzansi which is a call for all South Africans to travel.

Follow my journey, I hope it inspires you to travel more. All we need to do is “Navigate The World Together”. #khenkethamzansi