About the Movement


Mzantsi Travel Movement was formed to create a community of travellers, fostering a family oriented environment where everyone is their brothers keeper; giving advise and lending a helping hand where possible. Getting into the culture of finding out as much as possible about each other’s  beliefs, cultures and values will facilitate the process of truly attaining full understanding of the Rainbow Nation that we are, African Renaissance and ultimately being Global Citizens. Travelling opens one’s mind and gives you a different and more informed perspective about others and the world around them. If you have not travelled, then you have not lived yet, your knowledge of the world is based on other people’s experiences, media and magazines. You need to change that, we are here for you.

By joining the Mzantsi Travel Movement one will be in a position to benefit for free from the following:

  • Answers to all your travel questions by other travellers
  • Arranging meet ups in different cities where there are other MTM squad members
  • Coordinated trips
  • Be kept informed of travel news, travel deals, workshops and conferences
  • Advice on your upcoming trip(s)
  • Automatic membership to ‘The Forum’
  • Share stories about your travel experiences to be featured under ‘Your Take’ e.g “Mozambique through Akona eyes”. This could be in pictures/ article.
  • A platform to share pictures of your travels and places you’ve seen


Join The Squad