Do you always find yourself sitting at home kicking yourself for listening to others and ignoring that yearning feeling and voice telling you to go solo? Trust me, the best travel experiences and travel stories are those experienced on solo travels.

Honestly, who needs others when they will be spending their own money, have great sense of direction / can at least find their way back home and can form a solid opinion about almost everything? 😀You see all that you need is you, yourself and you and no one else. Kick that crippling fear to the curb and dive in, it will be worth it. Try these:

Go big on the views

One thing for sure, as much as the aim is to be alone and be in your own company, you also do not want to be bored. Therefore, it will do you a lot of good to find a hotel or accommodation that will bless you with the most beautiful views of the city. Waking up to beautiful views or even the sound of the ocean will boost your mood every day, propelling you to a good start and positive energy towards your day.

PRO TIP 😉: These do not come cheap, take your time with your research and choose wisely.

Head to the mountains for a hike

One thing that comes mostly for free in Cape Town is climbing its beautiful mountains. They range from easy, moderate, difficult and technical, all you need to do is choose your suit and gear up for the adventure. Remember this is a hobby for most locals and visitors so, you don’t even need a buddy for this one. You sure will get one friendly hiker along the way ready to share a joke or two along the way.

PRO TIP 😉: Stay away from secluded and not so popular trails, for your own safety.

Binge on local food

The Cape Town food scene is very colorful and layered with history and lessons to be learned. With each bite, you will uncover a secrete or fun fact about this wonderful city and it’s people. Whether you go with malay meals for the hostoric malay shops/ restaurants, a catch of the day from the waterfront, shisanyama from kwaAce, a wine pairing meal in one of the vineyards or visit a market for nibles; you will not be disappointed. Pay attention because each meal comes with a lesson.

PRO TIP 😉: Know when to stop with the wine, you still need to find your way back to your hotel.

Hop on & hop off to the vineyards

What is the point of even going to the Mother city if you are not going to sample the wine. Though there are different wine routes one can endulge in, the Franchoek route is the best for solo wanderers. This comes with a lot of opportunities to meet new people, share you wine insights and just keep each other company during the ride. Take your time and let the train leave you where you find yourself at home. You really do not need to visit each vineyard on the route in one day.

PRO TIP 😉: Take note of the vineyards you have visited, you might need to brag a little when you return back home.

Visit the day & night markets

Cape Town is buzzing with markets, and they are all different and cater for different crowds. Stay in the City for the youthful, vibrant and lively ones like the Old biscuit mill and the Oranjezicht market at the waterfront. Visit the country side for the more laid back types, and be ready to feel every inch of nostalgia as you are taken back home and back in time by the home made food and farm produce found in these markets. For a night market head down to Houtbay and get to mingle with a mix of people, mainly arts and beer lovers.

PRO TIP 😉: Hang on to your wallet, as you drink away because you are running a risk of losing a lot of money from buying all that glitters 😃

Hit long streets for an unforgettable night life

If you ask anyone that has been to Cape Town about the night life, they will tell you “all roads lead to Long Street”. This is where you will see the diversity of people living and visiting the city. Be sure to be very flexible enough to do a little bit of club hopping as this is one of the fun ways to enjoy a night out.

PRO TIP 😉: Start Slow and finish Strong, a good story to tell is always a big idea for a night out in the city, don’t be that guy!

Remember, either way you want to enjoy your holiday, you are the main ingredient. Always step out with a keen mind to learn and be vulnerable to receive help from strangers. Let your guard down and leave your skeptical mind and your valuables in your room. Go out there with a goal to have fun and act stupid 😂. However, never ever dismiss your gut feeling because most of the time it is right. If it feels odd or too good to be true, it usually is. Always have the end game in mind, making it back home safely so always be vigilant. The wicked work over time.

Hope this encourages you to take that solo trip and stop waiting for others. You really do not need them all the time. It is really OK to do you.


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